Want to start a food truck?

We’ve seen a thing or two.

And we can help answer ALL your questions about what it takes to start a food truck business. After five years in the business featuring two food trucks, multiple awards, and too many happy customers to count, The Gaucho & The Gringa are now available to assist in making your own food truck dreams come to life.

We are available to advise and strategize in the following areas:

–Concept Creation

–Business Plan Creation

–Permits, Licensing and Inspection

–Operating Costs & Distribution Advice

–Menu Tips

–High Season vs. Low Season

–Labor & Payroll

–Marketing Effectively

–Food Truck Layouts

–Recommendations particular to your situation

–And so much more…

1 out of 4 businesses fail in their first year.

50% of businesses fail by year 5.

We can help you have a better shot at being a food truck that makes it.

How it started…

We were a backpacking couple who met in a karaoke bar in Valparaiso, Chile, and after a few years of traveling through South America, we decided to head to Ohio (the gringa’s home state) and test the waters. Within a year, the food truck business was born.

Admittedly, we started our business doing everything in exactly the opposite of the recommended way. If there was a mishap or mistake to be made–we made it and a few others on top of it!

From barreling between concept creation to execution in two months flat…to spilling an entire fryer’s worth of oil in the loading ramp of a commuter ferry to a local island…to getting shut down by local authorities for forgetting to secure the appropriate permit…trust us, WE’VE BEEN THERE. And we can help you avoid some of the bigger headaches along the way.

And how it’s going!

In year 5, we expanded our business to include a fully customized GMC Workhorse food truck. In addition to our regular schedule of events, we are now in more places than ever before, including several residencies at local establishments and our beloved amusement park (Cedar Point). We also grew our staff to include 4 full-time and 5 part-time employees.

We’ve secured nominations and awards in the following categories: Best Food Truck, Best Hamburger and Best French Fries (2019-2021). We are currently in the process of bringing our bestselling food products to retail markets.

There are so many new opportunities ahead of us still, and this is only the beginning of the journey! Food service can be a difficult world, and we would love to share our expertise in this niche market!